Mattie Rogers: Gymnast, Cheerleader, Cross-training Atlete, Weightlifter – Rehband Interview

Mattie Rogers is a rising star in Olympic Weightlifting, although her journey didn’t start on the lifting platform. In this video, Mattie discusses her journey from gymnastics, to cheer leading, to Cross-training, to becoming a USA Weightlifting National Champion!
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Mattie is phenomenal role model for young girls and an advocate for positive body-image as a driver of self-confidence. In two years of competing, she has set multiple records and dreams of making it to the Olympics. Mattie got her start as an athlete at a very young age taking gymnastics, and eventually discovering the highly competitive sport of cheerleading. Mattie is a natural competitor and she achieved great success and notoriety as a cheerleader before her athletic development led her into the growing sport of CrossFit. This opened a new world to Mattie, in which she discovered that applying her intense work ethic and rigorous training ability resulted in her victory at the first CrossFit Games Teen feature at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. Now she is entirely focused on her weightlifting career and she’s already stacking up American records and titles! We’re excited to support Mattie as she continues to evolve as an athlete.

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