Olympic Weightlifting Training – How to Clean & Jerk

Since the 2016 Olympics are well underway, BPI Sports athlete Zachary Kuipers demonstrates the “Clean and Jerk” Olympic lifting move. It seems complicated at first, but Zachary Kuipers breaks it down for us in six steps. The first step is the preparatory phase, for proper hand placement…shoulder width. When you bend down to a squatting position your knees should slightly touch your knees. The first pull takes place when the bar travels form the ground to your knees, involving leg drive and upper back strength. The third step known as the second pull is the most important part of the “clean and jerk.” It involves the bar traveling from the knees to your hips, going into triple extension. Step four is the catch, so you drop down to a bottom of front squat position and receive the bar. Step five is the front squat, stand up and get ready for the jerk. For the final phase, dip down slightly and jump bar up and drop down into a low split position, catch the bar, show control and stand up with it.

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