Top 10 Secrets Bodybuilders Don’t Want You To Know

Bodybuilding and gym culture are ‘in’. That being said, there are some shady things about the bodybuilding world that you should be aware of. Keep watching to find out the secrets behind the industry before you start chugging a load of protein powder.
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Be Amazed at these secrets bodybuilders don’t want you to know! Supplementation Scams – The whole supplement industry is built on the idea that you need to ‘supplement’ your diet – it’s right there in the name. Fake Weights – You have no doubt seen the slew of attractive Instagram and youtube fitness e-celebrities who seemingly make a living simply by posting pictures and videos of themselves working out. DangerousSupplements – There are a ton of supplements on the market out there for people looking to get big. But just how safe are they? Physical Injury Prevalence – As you can imagine, lifting weights, a hobby which entails not only picking up heavy things and putting them down repeatedly, but constantly trying to pick up and put down heavier and heavier things, is a hobby which can lead to a lot of injuries. Training Secrets – Bodybuilders don’t train like the majority of the lifting population, which is one of the reasons that they don’t look like the majority of the lifting population. Torn Aortas – I’ve already mentioned how bodybuilders aren’t strangers to torn muscles, but what’s more concerning is that your heart is one of the muscles that you can tear.

Body Dysmorphia – Most people probably don’t suspect that people who look like Greek statues or comic book heroes are some of the most likely to deal with body dysmorphia. It’s almost impossible to make it – The harsh reality of bodybuilding is that only a tiny percentage of people ‘make it’ in the sense that they go pro and make a living as a bodybuilder without having a day job. It’s Bad for Your Health – To clarify, hitting the gym and lifting weights on a regular basis is actually very healthy. It helps with weight loss, improves bone density, lowers your risk of diabetes, improves the overall health of your heart, prevents back pain, and even helps you sleep better. Steroids – Steroids are sort of an open secret in the world of bodybuilding.


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