Marc Huster 215 kg clean & jerk 1999 European Weightlifting Championships

In the 85-kg class at the 1999 European Weightlifting Championships (La Coruna, Spain), the young Bulgarian Georgi Gardev had ripped through three good snatches, ending with 180 kg—leaving Marc Huster (Germany) 7.5 kg in arrears, plus Huster was the heavier man.Gardev made 200, missed the jerk on 205, and then came back to make it. Huster, who had opened with a conservative 202.5-kg lift, jumped to 210 for his second attempt, and another success, so now it was show time: Huster called for the huge 215 kg he needed to overtake Gardev and he made a lift. Not just a lift so huge that it remains impressive nearly 20 years later, this is one of those back-against-the-wall and pull-out-all-stops sort of lift that can inspire everyone . . . whether you’re chasing 215 lb. or 215 kg. IronMind® | ©Randall J. Strossen #weightlifting #lacoruna #bvdg #ewf #spain


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