Sunshine and personal records – Frankfurt and Weightlifting – Day 40 – Tao of Stefan

Work was more a party than anything else today. Or at least that’s how it felt.

We celebrated a colleagues birthday 🎂 including the congratulations, cakes and some singing.

I felt at ease and comfortable enough to join in, very quietly but I sang nonetheless. Wow!

And then we moved on to congratulate two colleagues for their promotion.

We even had some sunshine and blue skies in the afternoon. We haven’t seen both for a while now in Frankfurt.

After work I went to the gym. Today was another heavy duty day. I managed to push my back squat and deadlifts to a new level. More about it in the vlog. Even my overhead press is going well.

At home I had a great phone call with my wife, lots of good food and a hot bath. You need to enjoy life somehow, right?

I hope you enjoy the daily vlog. Leave your comments below and share your thoughts with me.

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