Behdad Salimi (IRI, +105KG) | بهداد سلیمی | Olympic Weightlifitng Training | Motivation

I had to reupload: adding lbs & new music – there were some copyright issues with two songs (they were non-copyrighted and somebody bought their license nowadays), so I recutted a bunch of videos. #2

Training compilation of iranian superheavyweight weightlifter; Behdad Salimi Kordasiabi (IRI, +105KG). Olympic Champion, World Champion, Asian Champion! Any footage about his training is quite rare and it’s not the best quality. He is the man who is stronger than a tiger (check it at the end). This compilation includes such as things like his box jump (at 170kg bw.), 220kg snaatch balance, 290kg back squat, 220KG SNATCH (!) and so on. Watch it and enjoy!
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Music sources:
魔界Symphony – Military attack, Nemesis, Salamander, Dragon

Cover photo source:
Nicolas Raymond –


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