Full Body Weightlifting Workout // Supersets + 10 Min HIIT Cardio Finisher

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Warm-up (50:10)
1) ATW lunges (right leg)
2) ATW lunges (left leg)
3) Squat and twist
4) Glute Bridge
5) Bird-Dog
6) Lateral band walks (I forgot to do this in the video lol)

This workout consists of 4 supersets. You will do each superset 3 times.

Superset 1
a) Curtsy lunge + Squat and press (10 reps per leg)
b) Side plank with twist (12 reps per side)

Superset 2
a) Step up, knee up, bicep curl, lunge back, bicep curl (10 reps per leg)
b) Tricep kickback with overhead press (10 per side)

Superset 3
a) Modified mapmakers (5 reps)
b) calf raise series

Superset 4
a) Lateral lunge + squat jump (10 per leg)
b) banded side laying hip abductions (14 reps)

HIIT Cardio Finisher (1 round) (30:10)
1) pushups
2) ATW vertical hops
3) hollow body hold
4) KB swings
5) Arch body hold
6) SL foot elevated glute bridge (right leg)
7) SL foot elevated glute bridge (left leg)
8) Reverse plank
9) 4x jump squat, 4x switch lunge
10) hollow body hold
11) KB swings
12) arch body hold
13) hip thrusts
14) Reverse plank
15) heel click + 180 degree tuck jump


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